1 | Expertise and competency:
More than 25 years’ banking experience in risk management related to currencies, interest rates and commodities. Simplify your life by being on the lookout for better financial risk management practices and the operation of financial markets.
2 | Independent and professional advice:
We are independent of banks and brokers. Thus, our team provides objective recommendations and has no financial product to sell you. Our network is vast and our hedging solutions are more plentiful.
3 | Communicate the complexity of the field using simple and accessible wording:
Our team is able to explain things easily, effectively and simply, so that you can make the right decisions.
4 | Support beyond the traditional transaction:
Identifying, analyzing and developing the right strategies to guide you to the right business decisions, so that you may have peace of mind throughout the process.
5 | Tailored analysis:
We have created a unique questionnaire to identify your tolerance, specifically target your needs and identify the real risks that you face (cost, time, and profits).
6 | Avoid mistakes:
Financial risks are present everywhere when transacting internationally or even locally. It is imperative to properly target those which are the most important and that will have an impact on your business.  Many parameters must be taken into consideration to avoid mistakes by addressing unnecessary or hidden risks.
7 | Transparent pricing:

Management fees are according to services rendered while maintaining a good relationship with your existing bank.

Fair, simple and clear pricing!

8 | Efficient and reassuring execution and monitoring:

The action plan is developed according to your issues and to maximize your profitability. For you, we monitor trends, opportunities, and market fluctuations.

9 | Active assistance to save time:
Devote yourself to what you do best. We take care of the rest. We carry out reality checks, in addition to offering professional assistance in the implementation to ensure that costs are in line with actual market prices while avoiding hidden costs.